Elegant Lighting

Elegant Lighting has become the fastest growing crystal chandelier company in the business since its beginning in 2000. They are very meticulous and careful throughout every stage of manufacturing to ensure that every one of their products becomes a work of art; each product has the grace and elegance to transform your house into a palace. Elegant Lighting constantly strives to move forward and focuses on what their customers want so that they can consistently deliver on their high expectations

Description of Crystal Types:

  • RC ? Royal Cut crystals feature a combination of high-quality and lead free machine cut and machine polished crystals.
  • EC ? Elegant Cut Crystal consists of 30% high quality full-lead machine-cut crystal.
  • SA ? SPECTRA?CRYSTAL is reliable crystal quality by SWAROVSKI.
  • SS ? Swarovski? ELEMENTS, formerly branded as Swarovski?Strass. These original, flawless, and perfect crystals are made in Austria and perfectly cut and machine polished to maintain consistency and purity. Additionally, an invisible coating is applied at the end of the process to make cleaning the crystal easier.

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